We won! (Measure T lost)


Dear Save West Berkeley supporters:

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters has now certified that Measure T was defeated by a vote of 25,291 (50.51%) to 24,779 (49.49%).

This was a tremendous victory. With such a close vote, it is absolutely not a cliché to say that everyone made a crucial contribution. A heartfelt thanks.

Due to your efforts, the Save West Berkeley campaign was able to send out 40,000 mailers and 4,000 emails, put up 500 yard signs and distribute 15,000 flyers to Berkeley voters at farmers markets, BART stations and residences. Eighty-five people donated a total of $28,000. Measure T proponents spent almost twice that amount: $52,700.

 For a detailed and knowledgeable analysis of the vote on Measure T, see Rob Wrenn's article in the Daily Planet at   http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com/issue/2012-11-16/article/40536?headline=2012-Election-in-Berkeley-West-Berkeley-Voters-Provide-Measure-T-s-Margin-of-Defeat--By-Rob-Wrenn.

What's next? 

We don’t know. But the City Council majority remains the same, and the realistic expectation is that they will try another scheme.

Please check the Save West Berkeley website for the latest developments.


The Save West Berkeley Working Group


Vote No on Measure T

Save West Berkeley is a coalition of Berkeley residents and businesses opposed to Measure T.

We are in favor of appropriate development and opposed to Measure T because:

* Measure T would allow 75' high multi-block office parks across all of West Berkeley. 

* Measure T would damage the environment, including Aquatic Park.  

* Measure T would deregulate land use and promote real estate speculation.

* Measure T would only benefit a few big developers.

* Measure T would destroy a thriving and diverse community of residents, artists/craftspersons, and small businesses.

* Measure T would displace established businesses and good jobs

Read the information on this website and decide for yourself.

 All donations go directly to campaign materials. All labor is donated

Vote No on Measure T



                    View from I-80 pedestrian bridge of possible 75' development


                              View of possible 75' development from Aquatic Park


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